HEERF II Funding is Available thru April 15

Interested in Buying a Simbionix Simulator with HEERF II?

All of the Simbionix simulators from Surgical Science can be used to train remotely.  This is commonly accomplished with a camera and monitor feed.  These simulators span a wide range of medical specialties and are ideal candidates for HEERF II support as a result.  There are also specific simulators that are portable and can be used in a home, virtual or sim center environment.

Additionally, there are modules created specifically to train on COVID-19-related procedures.  These include point-of-care ultrasound skills essential in triage and monitoring of the coronavirus on the Ultrasound Mentor and Bedside Cardiac ICU on the ANGIO Mentor. 

HEERF II Resources


Since the HEERF II supports simulation centers in addition to other educational needs of learners and institutions, it is beneficial to apply.  Medical education solutions that support remote learning and virtual simulation are a natural fit for this program as the funds are earmarked for such purchases.

This funding is intended to keep institutions educating and students learning, despite distance constraints and infection control protocols. HEERF II can be spent on costs associated with virtual learning technology, PPE for in-person training and coronavirus student support.

Fill out an application by April 15, 2021 to learn if you qualify for this government funding.


If you have questions about our simulation offering, please contact us at info@surgicalscience.com.