Demo of the Simbionix ANGIO Mentor™ at the Medical Innovation Summit in Cleveland, October 18-20

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation hosted their second annual Medical Innovation Summit from October 18 through October 20 at the Clinic’s main campus in Cleveland . Simbionix was one of forty other Medical; Pharmaceutical, Devise and associated industries in the exhibit area. The attendees included executives from the world’s best known names in Medicine, Physicians and Entrepreneurs. The theme for the meeting “New Technologies, New Therapies, New Economics” covered topics of interest to the more than 700 attendees.

The recently announced Simbionix ANGIO Mentor created quite a stir when it was featured, in a “live feed” to all the meeting attendees as well as people around the world that were able to connect to the meeting via the internet. The same physician that performed the procedure reviewed the procedure on the simulator. He talked about the importance of Physicians being trained properly and as far as he is concerned “Simbionix leads the field not only in the quality of the graphics but in the realism of entire procedure”. The Simbionix booth was busy with Industry professionals looking for new and better ways of marketing their “wares”.