There have been frequent reports in the media about safety in the operating room, for both patients and OR staff members. The fact of the matter is that, on an annual basis, thousands of serious medical incidents take place. Half of those concern surgeries and more than a third of these incidents take place in the operation room. Specific requirements as regards the knowledge and work of the professionals concerned, such as physicians and OR nurses, are necessary.

Trainers from the Education and Research department at the Catharina Hospital developed a course for surgery assistants, with “Safety in technology dependent procedures” as the main theme. The course consists of two half-day parts. Besides enhancing knowledge about laparoscopic surgery, electro-surgery, and the use of equipment and instruments, the course also contains a major hands-on skill component.

  • Gain knowledge on how to enhance patient safety and safety awareness in the laparoscopic operating room.
  • Hands-on training of basic laparoscopic skills allows participants to briefly “step into the surgeon’s shoes”. This raises the consciousness of the psychomotor challenges of laparoscopic surgery in handling laparoscopic instruments and makes it easier to anticipate the surgeon’s needs and surgical process.

All surgical specialties involving laparoscopic procedures.

Target Audience

Operating room nurses; scrub nurses as well as circulating nurses.


Some experience with assisting in laparoscopic surgery.


This course was developed by Prof.dr. Jack Jakimowicz, dr. Angelique Dierick, and Gert de Vroom of the Education & Research department of the Catharina Hospital Eindhoven.

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This training has been accredited by the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES), and concludes with a “scenario-based” test. Participants receive an official certificate after finishing the course.