A Surgical Science Simulator For Ultrasound Training Will Be Used In A Medical Course In Ukraine In Collaboration With Nato And Harvard

An ultrasound training simulator system will be used by participants in a medical training course in Ukraine with the support of the NATO Peace Program, in collaboration with a humanitarian initiative by the American Harvard University and the Ukrainian government.

Surgical Science, formerly Simbionix, is a company that specializes in simulators for training physicians in complex procedures, including surgery and examinations.

Ran Bronstein, Vice President, Research and Development in the company, said: “The purpose of the course is to train medical doctors to learn to respond to medical situations in the field, including nursing, medical professionals and students. The simulator enables skill improvements and teaches how to handle various challenges  in a safe learning environment, before treating the patients themselves, so that the level of accuracy and professionalism will be increased and allow for the highest quality care. ”