Surgical Science Strengthens Commitment to Advance Robotics Urology Education and Training

  • Partnerships to support and develop hands-on training
  • Release of the first RobotiX Mentor™ Basic Robotic Skills tasks and Prostatectomy Neurovascular Bundle Dissection (NVB) tasks

Surgical Science has undertaken two collaborations to further enhance robotic urology training and deepen the expertise of its end-to-end healthcare solutions: one with the European Association of Urology (EAU), and one with Karolinska Institute. The company has also released a new selection of training tasks for the RobotiX Mentor™ simulator, including Basic Robotic Skills tasks and Prostatectomy Neurovascular Bundle Dissection (NVB) tasks.

Surgical Science’ partnership with the EAU is designed to support hands-on training for robotic surgery and facilitate training for standardized surgical steps in robot-assisted procedures. EAU and the EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS) offer intensive hands-on training courses using simulators that are designed to improve the participants’ simulator dexterity and hand-eye coordination while offering objective performance benchmarks of console familiarity.

“RobotiX Mentor training exercises will serve as preparation for the Basic Assessment of Robotic Skills (BARS) test with the future goal of allowing trainees the option to use any system for the BARS assessment,” said Dr. Henk van der Poel, Urologist, EAU-ERUS Board Member. The RobotiX Mentor will also be an integral part of the upcoming Hands-On Training (HOT) courses held at ERUS 2016 in Milan, September 14-16. Introductory courses will offer simulation training in robotic surgery skills while advanced courses will include standardized surgical steps in robot-assisted procedures. The RobotiX Mentor will likewise be available in HOT courses at EMUC 2016 in Milan, November 24-27.

Surgical Science is also collaborating with Karolinska Training Center (KTC), one of the largest robotic training centers in Europe, to develop a Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy (RARP) full procedure training module for the RobotiX Mentor simulator with both construct and predictive validity. This module will also include procedure evaluation to assess trainees’ performance in complex multi-step robotic  surgeries.

“Karolinska is pleased to be involved in developing the first full procedure RARP simulation and curriculum, ”said Peter Wiklund, MD, Professor of Urology, Karolinska Institute. “Advanced simulation has the potential to greatly impact the future of robotic-assisted surgical training.”

Surgical Science’ newly released Robotic Basic Skills module and Prostatectomy NVB Dissection tasks each feature the highest quality graphics in robotic simulation on the market. Cases include anatomy identification, step-by-step guided techniques and non-guided techniques in a flexible freehand environment.

Experience the latest RobotiX Mentor tasks at ERUS 2016, September 14-16 in Milan.

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