RobotiX Mentor in Dr. Lallas’s Robotic Surgical Skills Program at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals
Professor Peter Wiklund, MD

“Trainees at Karolinska University Hospital have the opportunity to practice both robotic basic skills and full advanced procedures using the RobotiX Mentor. We are pleased to collaborate with 3D Systems to develop the first simulation training module for the RARP full procedure.
We believe that once this training module is successfully validated, it has the potential to greatly impact robotic training in the future.”

Professor Peter Wiklund, MDProfessor of Urology Karolinska Institute
Dr. Francesco Sanguedolce

“Virtual reality is revolutionizing the classical concept of learning processes in surgery of observing, trying and performing. The RobotiX system for training in robotic surgery is the ultimate tool showing the efficacy of quickly developing robotic skills without  compromising safety of patients.”

Dr. Francesco SanguedolceFundacio Puigvert Autonomous University of Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
Devin M. Garza, MD, FACOG

“Your simulation products are among the best on the market and are improving all the time .   Our surgeons – especially the brand new robotic surgeons/novices were extremely happy with them.   As proctors, we are so happy with the product, as surgeon’s learning curves are so much faster and safer!”

Devin M. Garza, MD, FACOGAssistant Clinical Professor The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School Director MIS Renaissance Women’s Group Epicenter Mentor Intuitive Surgical Texas Institute For Robotic Surgery, Austin, Texas
Yuji MAEDA, M.D.

“I perform robotic radical prostatectomy twice a week in our hospital. I use the RobotiX Mentor every day to practice  urethrovesical anastomosis; this practice has decreased the time for me to complete the anastomosis in the simulation, and in my opinion the Robotix Mentor VR practice improves my OR performance with steadfast confidence.

A good athlete or a good musician does basic training every day to keep his/her skill at the highest level.

Robotic surgeons also need hands-on training on a daily basis.

I am very positive about VR training for Robotic Surgery and expect its future to be even more exciting as technology advances.”

Yuji MAEDA, M.D. Urologist, Kanazawa, JapanName

“The Simbionix RobotiX mimics the Davinci robot assisted console at with a similar system setup, however, it had the advantage to practice outside the operating theatre. We located the simulator near the offices, to make it easy accessible to train during or after working hours. The Mentor learn software of the RobotiX is user friendly, contains a wide range of tasks/procedures and allows for easy performance tracking with the ability to customize your own curricula. The RobotiX is a valuable tool to train robotic surgery outside the clinical setting.”

Leijte BSc Researcher, S.M.B.I. Botden, MD, PhD, Pediatric Surgeon​