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Simbionix Simulation-Based Training for da Vinci® Surgery

Providing the Highest Level of Surgical Training

Simbionix has partnered with Intuitive Surgical® to develop the Simbionix Suturing Module for virtual reality simulation of suturing on the Skills Simulator for the da Vinci®Si System.

Use of the da Vinci Surgical System continues to comprise a growing part of surgery. The Simbionix Suturing Module for the da Vinci Skills Simulator is a continuation of our efforts to provide highly realistic and effective tools designed for cost-effective integration in surgical curricula across multiple disciplines and technologies.

The da Vinci Suturing Module – A Comprehensive Educational Solution

The da Vinci Surgical System combines a 3D view of the surgical field with Intuitive® instrument control and EndoWrist® instruments designed to duplicate the motions of the human hand — all of which can be advantageous to a surgeon as he or she sutures. The Simbionix Suturing Module for the da Vinci Skills Simulator is designed for use on the actual da Vinci console, enabling the learner to acquire confidence with using the system.

The module provides a comprehensive educational package including:

  • Knot-tying tutorials
  • Highly realistic suturing tasks applicable to performing complex surgical procedures such as following challenging lines and angles followed by knot tying
  • Optional interactive guidance for independent learning and skills mastery
  • Objective performance feedback designed to facilitate performance de-briefing, benchmark learner performance and facilitate assessment and certification

The module includes the following segments:

  1. Guided knot-tying tutorial with two vertical defects
  2. Guided knot-tying tutorial with two horizontal defects
  3. Continuous suture exercise
  4. Interrupted suture exercise
  5. “Free-play” knot-tying exercise featuring  vertical, horizontal and diagonal defects

Features and Benefits

The Simbionix Suturing Module for the da Vinci Skills Simulator is designed for use on the actual da Vinci console,enabling the learner to acquire confidence with using the system:

  • Allows physical movement in an interactive, dynamic and clinically relevant environment
  • Allows for unlimited, repetitive practice – something impossible with patients and impractical with either cadavers or porcine models
  • Provides the opportunity to master a critical skill in a risk-free environment
  • Facilitates obtaining confidence with the actual da Vinci console and instruments
  • Facilitates the acquisition and refinement of both cognitive and psychomotor skills by replicating actual suturing techniques and sensory inputs

We at Simbionix welcome the input of the Medical Community, and would appreciate your feedback. Please email Maya Bloch, Product Manager at

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