The PERC Mentor library of modules provides a curriculum for the training of percutaneous renal access, offering both Essential Skills Training and virtual patient cases, which reflect real-life situations encountered in a hospital operating room. The Essential Skills Module provides a relaxed environment, in which the trainee can acquire the skills that are essential to building confidence with kidney puncturing. The virtual patient cases provide training on puncturing the right or left kidney for both normal and obese patients, which are more challenging.

PCN Essential Skills Module

A variety of tasks in an increasing level of difficulty enable the trainee to acquire the skills necessary for performing percutaneous renal access procedures under real-time fluoroscopy.
In a stress-free environment, using an authentic needle, the trainee gains essential skills such as processing 2D fluoroscopic radiographic images into 3D “mind’s eye” visualization of anatomies, C-arm manipulation for obtaining ideal access and visualization of renal access in multiple planes.

Full Procedure- Normal Patients

The module offers training on a variety of virtual normal weight patients with different renal anatomies and pathologies. The module provides an ideal opportunity to practice identifying the correct access to the proper calyx through a variety of access sites. Realistic hands on training is enhanced by the tactile sensations felt when maneuvering through the various layers and ribs.

Full Procedure- Obese Patients

The module offers training on a variety of obese virtual patients with different renal anatomies and pathologies. Using a designated cartridge representing the virtual patient’s back and an authentic needle, the trainee may practice performing the procedure on this type of patient before encountering the situation live in the operating room.