LAP Mentor VR

The breathtaking setting of a Virtual Operating Room defines the new concept for laparoscopic training. The trainee practicing on the LAP Mentor™ simulator wears a VR headset, and is fully immersed in an operating room environment including a virtual OR team, a patient, equipment and real life sound distractions. This setting provides the most true-to-life experience and teaches trainees how to cope with the stressful, and at times distracting, operating room atmosphere.

Trainee using LAP Mentor simulator,
wearing VR goggles

VR OR environment (view from goggles)

Bart van Groningen, orthopedic surgeon with the VR goggles. Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven, Netherlands

VR Goggles

LAP Chole Operating Room

LAP Hysterectomy Operating Room

*Available for the LAP Mentor Inguinal Hernia, Lap Chole and Hysterectomy Modules. Coming soon for additional modules.