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Shoulder Labral Module

The first complete procedure training module available for arthroscopic surgery on the ARTHRO Mentor. Relevant for advanced trainees, who need a powerful didactic tool to practice shoulder instability procedures.

The new module includes training for 3 shoulder arthroscopy complete procedures: SLAP, Bankart and posterior Bankart repairs.

The module’s main objective is to practice the steps involved in various instability repair procedures including:

  • Diagnostic Arthroscopy
  • Labral debridement
    • Conservative debridement – Contour edges of torn Labrum
    • Debride Glenoid 
    • Decorticate Glenoid boney
  • Drilling into bone
  • Placement of suture anchors
  • Suture thread manipulation
  • Passing suture thread through the Labrum 


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