The ARTHRO Mentor was the first available arthroscopy training simulator on the market worldwide and is currently the most comprehensive, including , basic skills training, full procedures and diagnostics.

  • Hands-on knee, shoulder and hip training from very basic skills relevant for PGY1 residents, up to complete Labral repair procedures for advanced users.
  • Realistic and accurate simulation of tissue, organs, instruments and optics.
  • Dynamic tactile feedback using robotic arms that provide tactile sensation for a wide range of pathologies.
  • Extensive content of over 70 tasks and cases that comprise the largest library of case scenarios. Includes a full range of basic skills, diagnostic and full procedures for the knee, shoulder and hip joints.
  • Fundamentals of Arthroscopic Surgery Training (FAST) module to gain the basic skills required for arthroscopy. The module is based on curricula from major arthroscopic societies.
  • Ready-to-use courses via MentorLearn. Includes a library of ready-to-use simulator based courses and a platform to design new training courses including diagnostic knee Arthroscopy, microfractures, ACL reconstruction, Bankart repair and rotator cuff repair.
  • A large number of virtual tools are available using only three physical tools.
  • Systematic training with objective assessment.
  • The most validated simulator on the market today with multiple validation studies proving its effectiveness, usefulness and didactic value.

The ARTHRO Mentor installation and training in the Vietnam Military University simulation center in Hanoi.