Simulation Training Save Lives

Southend University Hospital established an innovative interventional stroke service using the ANGIO Mentor Suite simulator at Anglia Ruskin University.

Prof. Iris Grunwald, Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiologist at Southend University Hospital and Director Neuroscience and Vascular Simulation at Anglia Ruskin University said, “In order to provide timely regional coverage for endovascular stroke treatment, more hospitals and physicians will need to provide endovascular stroke services. To practice this high risk procedure, I believe procedural training on a virtual reality simulator such as the ANGIO Mentor Suite should be mandatory to provide an environment that is as close as possible to the actual setting when treating a patient.”

Watch the above video to see how team training at Anglia Ruskin University compares to performing a real procedure at Southend University Hospital

Penny Conners, Dean of the Valencia College Allied Health program, describes the benefits of the ANGIO Mentor to the Cardiovascular Technology (CVT) program.

Valencia College’s Cardiovascular Technology Program educates and prepares students to become Invasive Cardiovascular Specialists known as a Cardiovascular Technologists (CVT). Simbionix ANGIO Mentor simulators are used to provide hands-on experience for their students in cardiovascular and peripheral vascular training. Polly Keller,  Professor, Cardiovascular Technology, indicates that some of the modules on the ANGIO Mentor that they use include Coronary, CRM (Cardiac Rhythm Management), Renal, SFA, Iliac, and BTK (Below-the-Knee).

The ANGIO Mentor has been widely embraced by medical colleges in the education of surgical residents and fellows. Now, the ANGIO Mentor’s portable haptic simulators and vast library of modules and cases have been embraced by community college CVT programs.  Here you see how they are used at Valencia College in Orlando, FL.

Karl A. Illig

“After extensive experience with another product and thorough research of all available options, we purchased an ANGIO Mentor in 2006 for our research and educational program. The ANGIO Mentor has lived up to our fullest expectations, and we are ‘never going back.’ It is by far the most intuitive endovascular simulator platform, has the best haptics, and clearly has the widest variety of training options. In addition, the staff at Simbionix have been extremely responsive and view this as a true partnership. We currently use our simulator for general education within our resident and fellow rotations, recruiting and skills identification, and have been extremely happy with the entire Simbionix platform.”

Karl A. IlligMD, Professor of Surgery and Neurosurgery, Chief, Division of Vascular Surgery, University of Rochester Medical Center
Dr. Thomas Masaryk

“Historically one might say that I’ve been a “simulator skeptic.” But, I was utterly amazed with what Simbionix has accomplished: a thoroughly impressive recreation of complex aneurysm coiling… I have no doubt that the cerebral intervention module will change the way we teach intracranial procedures. In the future I foresee a significant impact on case planning and decision making. Now trainees can gain experience with difficult cases before encountering these critical challenges in real life.”

Dr. Thomas MasarykChair, Neuroradiology Department, Cleveland Clinic

“We have been using the ANGIO Mentor for training of our Gore Flow Reversal System. Our goal is to train physicians on procedural steps to maximize the effectiveness of the Gore Flow Reversal System even in challenging anatomies. The simulator allows us to provide the physicians training on multiple case scenarios in concise timeframe, safe environment and on a real patient’s anatomy. Simbionix was attentive and provided us a solution that was tailored to fit our requirements and budget in a relatively short time.”

Silvia TalcoNeurovascular European Product Manager WL GORE & Associates Srl.
Prof Michael Glikson

“I remember my days as a new intern….the first cases I performed were very difficult and it was a scary experience, since it takes between 10-20 procedures until you really feel that you are proficient. With today’s technological advances we have the ability to train doctors on full procedures using medical simulators as advanced as the Simbionix ANGIO Mentor, prior to having them perform on live patients. By providing this opportunity, the learning curve is significantly shortened and trainees gain confidence before they approach their first cases.”

Prof Michael GliksonDirector of Electrophysiology and Pacing at the Sheba Medical Center, Israel

“For the past three years we have been using the ANGIO Mentor in our Cardiac Rhythm Management, Peripheral Interventional / Embolization, Interventional Cardiology and Neurovascular courses at the Institute for Therapy Advancement training center. Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with Simbionix we keep improving state-of-the art workshops. Our goal is to train physicians, nurses and technicians in a safe environment, on how to perform a full procedure and manage complications before they happen in real life situations.”

Nathalie GanasTraining Technology Specialist, Institute for Therapy Advancement, Boston Scientific International